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Ultimate Hair Bow Creation Course

Ultimate Hair Bow Creation Course

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🎀 Exclusive Mastery Session:

2-Hour Coaching Session: A focused session on advanced techniques and custom designs tailored to the client's skill level and artistic goals.

Personalized Lesson Plan: A custom curriculum developed to meet the specific needs and aspirations of the client.

🎀 Advanced Techniques and Customization:

Deep Dive into Techniques: Mastery of advanced bow-making techniques, including 5 complex hair bow designs and innovative customization.

Signature Styles: Learn to create unique styles that distinguish your bows in the market.

🎀 Premium Resource Bundle:

Deluxe Materials Kit: Includes high-quality ribbons, embellishments, and exclusive tools.

Exclusive Handbook: A comprehensive guide covering advanced techniques, design inspirations, and professional tips.

🎀 Mentorship:

6 months Mentorship: 6 months access to bi-monthly 30-minute zoom group coaching calls and a dedicated mentorship group. 

Private Online Community: Membership in an exclusive online community for continuous learning and support.

🎀 Professional Certification:

Elite Certification: Certification upon completion, recognizing their expertise and mastery in handcrafted hair bow artistry.

🎀 Exclusive Bonuses:

Custom Bow Portfolio: A professional photography session to create a portfolio of their best work.

Future Workshop Discount: 30% discount on any future workshops or courses.

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